Three Moons Acupuncture

Kenosha, Wisconsin


Acupuncture can be used to treat opioid addiction, as well as many other addictions, in a number of ways. It is safe, it has no side effects, it reduces stress and anxiety associated with opioid withdrawals and it can be used to prevent relapses. Also, the American College of Physicians is now recommending that acupuncture is used as an alternative treatment to drug therapy.

Our Approach

At Three Moons Acupuncture, we utilize a protocol that helps relieve withdrawal and craving symptoms. This protocol also reduces the need for pharmaceuticals, increases quality sleep, relieves stress and anxiety and improves the mental attitude of the patient.

We provide customized treatments that address the root of your problem, as well as the symptoms. This is done through the use of acupuncture, herbs, mind-body practices, and nutrition. Every patient receives an individualized treatment plan that clearly explains everything and it will be tailored to your needs. Our treatments are designed with the patient in mind.

An Incredible Story

Most people know the incredible story of Robert Downey Jr. and his past struggles with addiction. Mr. Downey was on a downward spiral and nearly forgotten by Hollywood when he found acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) through his study of martial arts. Mr. Downey has accredited TCM with helping him become healthy and staying that way. Mr. Downey stated, “Truth be told, every discipline that I have employed that has its roots in the Chinese tradition has worked, and that’s what I’m really drawn to, it’s the way is the way is the way, and when things work, they are really worth putting your time and energy behind”.

Mr. Downey is a shining example of what TCM can do for us. He has literally turned his life around, overcome his addictions and become one of the most revered actors of his generation and perhaps of all time and he credits Chinese Medicine for much of his successful recovery.


Three Moons Acupuncture is located at 310 Old Green Bay Rd., Kenosha, WI 53144. We offer a free phone consultation to see if you qualify for our Detoxification Program. Click on the link to schedule your Detoxification Program Discovery call today.

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