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Absolutely Outstanding!!

Kim is absolutely outstanding as a practitioner and as a human being. I have come to her at my most vulnerable — when in screaming pain with a sciatic nerve injury, and after a crush injury to my foot that left me in pain for many months. Everything about her approach is thoughtful, expert, compassionate and tailor-made. She has helped

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You’re a Life Saver!

I have been in constant pain in my knees, back, hip and sciatic from osteoarthritis, with cortizone shots in my spine and hip. A coworker mentioned that her friend Kim has an acupuncture practice, that it would help. After 6-7 treatments along with cupping and IT band work I am practically pain free. It is amazing how much much better

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Outstanding Results!!

I’m thoroughly happy with the service I received from Kim. I was VERY skeptical before I started the acupuncture treatments. I don’t like needles and just the thought of being stuck all over with needles made me queasy. I have been going to Kim for 9 months now. I’m thrilled that I am now off of two meds the doctors

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Arthritic Fingers

My knuckles were pretty painful and went for 5 treatments of 30 minutes each. I was very skeptical but the end results were great. I have no pain and am able to make a fist with more power. Other areas of my body also improved. Recommend this for pain in joints, muscles etc. . As needed I will continue to

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