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Making New Year’s Resolutions Stick



It’s that time of year again…New Year’s resolution time.  While most people have good intentions and try to set new goals for themselves, the reality of it is that most of us start off like gangbusters and then fizzle out fairly quickly.  And we use every excuse in the book, don’t we?  Did you know that acupuncture can actually help you keep those resolutions and make some of the changes you’ve wanted?  It’s true.  Think about some of the most common New Year’s resolutions: lose weight, quit smoking, stress less, be more productive, etc.  All great and attainable goals, but as humans we tend to sabotage ourselves if something becomes a chore.  And that happens all too often with New Year’s resolutions.  Life takes over, we get too busy and those goals we have set for ourselves are the first things we take off the to-do list.  Well, here are some ways that acupuncture can help you stick to those goals you’ve set for yourself:


1.  Lose weight – Probably the #1 New Year’s resolution and usually the first one to be abandoned.  Acupuncture can help you reach your goal weight and stay there by promoting better digestion, reducing your appetite, smoothing your emotions, eliminating food cravings and improving your metabolism.  A study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience found that acupuncture does all the things listed previously and even mobilized the body’s energy reserves.  In the study, participants who received acupuncture, experienced an significant reduction in weight as compared with the control group.  But don’t think acupuncture will do all the work for you.  You have to be willing to be honest with yourself and make the appropriate lifestyle changes as well.

2.  Quit an addiction – Whether you’re trying to quit smoking or something else, acupuncture can help.  More and more research is providing proof that acupuncture is a promising method of helping alleviate addictions.  Acupuncture treatments can help with symptoms like jitters, irritability, cravings, restlessness, insomnia and fatigue.  Ask a licensed acupuncturist how it can help you attain this goal.

3.  Stress less – Here’s another resolution that is usually at the top of everybody’s list.  But try as we might, it’s a tough one to achieve.  Let acupuncture help you.  Stress can lead to illness and the overall deterioration of your health.  Numerous studies have demonstrated how acupuncture can lower stress and anxiety, while even lowering your blood pressure.  Just ask someone who has had acupuncture.  Most people tend to feel relaxed after a treatment.  Plus most acupuncturists can send you home with tools you can use daily to help relieve your stress.  These tools include Tui Na, Qi Gong exercises, meditation and even acupressure.

4. Increase productivity – Have problems focusing or remembering the tasks ahead of you for the day?  Once again, acupuncture has been proven to help in these areas.  Certain acupuncture points, when stimulated, can lead to improved concentration and focus, which in turn, increases your productivity.  Give it a try and impress yourself and your boss.

5. Relieve pain naturally – So many of us have daily aches and pains that can impair our lives.  While pharmaceuticals like ibuprofen and aspirin can help, more and more people are looking for natural alternatives due to the adverse side effects of drugs.  Acupuncture has not side effects and some studies have shown that pain relief following acupuncture treatments can last for months in some cases.  Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain both before and after acupuncture treatments have shown dramatic decreases in activity in the pain centers of the brain – up to a 70% decrease!  And in addition to reducing pain, acupuncture can actually speed up the healing process by increasing circulation and immunity to an injured area.

This is just a sample of the wide variety of issues that acupuncture can treat.  Give us a call and set up an appointment to see if acupuncture is the right path for you.  This ancient form of medicine may be just what you need to help strengthen your resolve.

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